Larry & Jean 2005 HR Endeavor PDQ, 400 ISL

With the rear cross bars and a front watts link from Mike Hughes the coach is rock solid on the road. Even traveling 75 mph nothing moves it from its intended path. Not passing trucks, not wind, not cambered roads, not severely raised bridge transitions or other potholes. I now love to drive our coach and have extended our miles per day greatly even though my age has increased greatly. I never thought I would ever love our Roadmaster chassis but I do now, it rides terrifically and drives like a car. Love it.                                                      
Tracy 2004 Windsor

After owning our 04' Windsor RR8 Chasis for 6 months and reading and researching these wandering "Road Monsters" I was able to visit Mike at his home and install the Front and Rear Watts Link kit along with the Rear Cross Bars this week.

Even though I had Koni shocks put on a few months ago, the Coach had some swaying and wandering. Throw in a windy day on a winding road and it was "white knuckles" and a chore to drive.

After our 370 mile drive home. The Coach felt "more solid" and wasn't "wagging it's tale" constantly. Big trucks were no factor and on decent roads I could drive with one hand.

I'm glad I did the complete set up as it gives me a lot more confidence running down the road.

Thank you Mike!

Note. Tracy was an early adopter.
Doug and Sue. 07 Diplomat 40 PET

I have only had my Monaco about 5 months. The first 5 trips driving the rv. Happened in some very windy conditions (30-50 mph) I was seriously thinking about trading off the rv and looking for a rig with a tag axle because they are suppose to be more stable.
I would have to start to steer into the wind force of every oncoming large truck just before we met and be prepared to be pushed around by the force. Side winds I would have to drop to 40 mph to handle all the pushing around the rv went thru.. It was a tiring event constantly moving the steering wheel to keep the rv on the road.
In sept. I received the Watts front link and rear cross bars that I had ordered from Mike... But it was just 2 weeks  ago I had time to go on a long trip and really see the how well they preformed..I traveled over 1700 miles, in high desert mtn. cross winds of 35 mph and gust to 45.. Lots of twisty roads and 2 lane hiways with lots of big rigs going by..
I could feel a slight push from the winds and passing trucks and that was it!! I was never moved around and did not have to counter steer one bit.I don't even pay any attention to the oncoming big rigs anymore and I hardly move the steering wheel unless the road is badly rutted from traffic wear.
I could not be happier and it is all due to Mikes components. They are extremely well built to last longer than the rv. Look very professional,easy to install and do exactly what they say they will do. I 100% endorse his products.. and I will now be keeping the Monaco... Thanks Mike for such a spectacular product and being so easy to work with..Doug
Vince '01 Diplomat 36B

I too will get in line to recommend Mike Hughes. His kits are of exceptional quality, well designed, and do what they are intended to do. Shame on Monaco for not installing these at the factory as standard equipment.

I have a Shepard steering box but am fortunate that it doesn't have much play. That aside, my coach "just didn't feel right" and had the same characteristics your does. 600-mile days would beat me up. The best I could do was a 300-mile day at 50-60 MPH.

I went to Mike's house and had F&R Watts links and rear x-bars. Just on the 100 mile trip home from Mike's house I could feel the improvement. $$$ well spent.

The improvement is so noticeable that if I had to drive an extra 1000 miles to get to Mike's I would do it.

Note.  Vince was an early adopter.
Greg 2003 Monaco Windsor 40 PST

I installed Mike Hughes Watts Link on my 2003 Monaco Windsor 40 PST today. The installation was very simple and it took just over an hour for complete install. I went for a 40 mile drive to see how it performed. Wow, what a difference. I can drive at 65 mph with just 2 fingers. Before the Watts Link, it was both hands on the wheel and try to keep it in the lane. I sincerely appreciate Mike and everyone's efforts in finding a solution to our wandering coaches.
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