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2006 Monaco Knight Watts and Cross Bar Review

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Received the following review with permission to post on his behalf

“Let me start by saying that I’m quite the skeptic about most things where everyone is saying that something is better then sliced bread. I seldom believe it without a great deal of research and googling. I watch YouTube videos, I spend hours reading reviews, both good and bad. I ask questions about the product and I study the product and how to install it. I had read how a lot of folks tried new shocks or new steering boxes or stabilizers with little success. So I wandered what fix would actually work.

With that said, I did my research, I called Mike Hughes and talked to him about the Watts Link, I asked him about installing them and I pointedly asked him what I could expect once they were installed. By the way, he was very informative and took the time to talk with me and gave me a couple of pointers on installing them. So I took the plunge and ordered both the front and rear watts link systems and the rear cross bars. Yep, it was costly and yep, it was a lot to take on at one time. But I was tired of my 2006 Monaco Knight rolling down the road like it was on a 3 day drunk. I was uncomfortable driving over 60 miles per hour, even on the freeway.

I was extremely pleased by the quick shipping (3 days) and the way in which the systems were packed and labeled. It made starting the project very easy.

I started by installing the front system. I’m not an automotive expert by any sense of the imagination but I do a fair amount of wood working, so I’m not devoid of tool experience. Still the thought of spending several hours under the coach in tight spots wasn’t my idea of a great Saturday adventure. Regardless, I started the job. I did have tack welds on the jack, but it was easy to use an impact driver to back out the bolts and then a couple of well placed chisel and hammer shots on the nuts took care of the welds. The installation instructions are precise and easy to follow. It took me just at 3 hrs to install the front system.

I moved to the rear cross bars and they were a pretty straightforward place, adjust and tighten the bolts. 1.5 hrs.

I then moved to the rear watts install. I did need to trim the upper passenger side gusset and with Mike’s suggestion to use a saws all and carbide tipped blade, it took all of 10 minutes to position the blade and make the cut. Once that was done, the rest of the install took about 2 hrs.

I took the coach for a quick 10 mile ride around the valley and noticed right away that it was so much more stable on the curves. It stayed relatively flat with virtually no lean or roll. The 2 lane road I was on had just had the travel ruts paved over, so it wasn’t all that smooth and the coach still bucked a little bit, but it seemed better.
Once I had the coach parked again and let the air bags deflate, I checked for clearances and found I needed to adjust the rear bridge and flat bar to clear the H frame. Loosen bolts, tab in the bridge, tighten bolts, done.

Fast forward to this past Friday. We had a 200 mile trip planned and I was excited to see what difference there would be. Okay, skepticism said don’t expect much. Skepticism was wrong. I’m so glad I drank the koolaid and bought into the hype. The trip was nearly magical. Curves were flat and controlled, before the coach would fight around curves and try to go straight. It was a struggle and needed constant steering adjustments to complete the turn. Secondly, the coach stayed in the lines, even at speeds up to 72 miles per hours. Lastly, there was no more galloping Gurty to rein in. Yes, it still catches road ruts, but it doesn’t wander like a wino. It also was more wind worthy. We didn’t have strong winds, but it was breezy in spots.

I would highly recommend both Mike Hughes and the Monaco Watts Link systems if your experiencing any steering movement on your RR8R chassis. It sure has made a difference on my coach.

Jerry Paine
Managing Broker,
Windermere Real Estate / NCW

Mike and Wanda
2008 Safari Cheetah 38PDQ, 350 C7, TRW, F/R X-Bars, F/R Watts, FSD, STP, TST
2016 F150 4x4 Toad, Blue Ox, AFO

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