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2012 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 36PFT Watts Review

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Received the following email with permission to post here. (Mike)

Mike I mostly want to say Thank You, to you and everyone that was involved with adapting the Watts Link for our motorhome!

We bought both the Front WattsLink and the Rear Cross Bar for our 2012 Holiday Rambler Ambassador 36PFT. I installed the Front WattsLink and moved to the rear and realized that the tubes for the cross bar were too long. I called and you shipped out the shorter cross bars, but in the mean time we had a chance to take the coach for a test drive to deliver some food to our pastor that lives about 45 minutes away.

The difference in the way our coach drove was monumental!! The cornering was tight! The porpoising, I swear, is almost non existent now! The whole driving experience is so much better that it's hard to believe the change!

I want to thank you Mike for shipping those additional tubes out so quickly because I got them the day before we hit the road for three weeks! Thank You! Thank You!

I cannot say Enough! We've spent quite a bit of money on this used coach making it our own....this Watts Link has been the best money spent so far!

Thank You Again!

George & Barbara

Mike and Wanda
2008 Safari Cheetah 38PDQ, 350 C7, TRW, F/R X-Bars, F/R Watts, FSD, STP, TST
2016 F150 4x4 Toad, Blue Ox, AFO

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