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2006 Monaco Camelot Front Watts and Rear X Brace Review

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While at Quartzite I ran into Mike and bit the bullet and we installed the front Watts link and the rear cross bars in our 2006 Monaco Camelot. I thought I'd drive it for a while before I wrote a review. I have to say the mod was WELL worth the investment. A little history, first. We purchased our Camelot and drove it from Texas to New Hampshire in April, 2016. We drove it across northern Texas, with some pretty good crosswinds. It was ALL over the road- I couldn't take my eyes off the road even for a few seconds, and was exhausted at the end of each day.

The first thing I did when I got home was purchase a Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer. That helped, but I realized I had several inches of steering play in my TRW steering box. I learned on a forum you could adjust it, which I did, and that helped more, but I was still all over the road in crosswinds and when passed by trucks. I also experienced what I'll call the rear hump, or shift while going around corners. I also noticed if I held the steering wheel straight that the coach would wander, so I couldn't take my eyes off the road even for a few seconds.

Enter Mike and the front Watts kit and the rear cross braces. While there still is some play in the steering, I noticed a world of difference in the handling. I could drive straight down the road with minimal correction in the steering- it became a sort of game to see how far I could go without having to make a correction. I could even look at the scenery without scaring my wife with the coach wandering out of the lane.

As someone else mentioned, I find I can go around corners faster, the rear shift, or 'hump' is gone. While I still get a slight push from passing trucks, I don't need to make a large steering correction. It's also hard to tell now when in a crosswind- the only way I know is I have to hold a bit of steering into the wind, but I'm not pushed all over the road. The really big benefit is the steering stability in tight quarters. I used to sweat going through construction sites with Jersey barriers on both sides- now it's no big deal.

While the modification didn't completely eliminate wandering- I think there's still play in the steering linkage, the improvement realized by the Watts link and rear cross braces is huge and well worth the investment. On our most recent leg of our trip, I couldn't stop praising the mod and how much easier the rig is to drive.


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