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Update Review for Watts Link and X-Braces January 2018

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Last update on our 2008 Camelot upgrades to Roadmaster chassis. This past Quartzsite 2018 trip; Mike H. brought Watts Link/X-Brace kits to our annual QZ rally. Special note; glad to see so many new Monaco family members and install the new kits.
Previously I already installed last year, the new Watts link in the front, no X-braces yet. After the purchase of new coach, i did the typical, new shocks, i did add sway bars front/back. Except the Watts Link, the previous doesn't help the wallow or sloppy travel the RM chassis.
The Watts helped tighten the front of the chassis, during the year, I also had the front to rear of the coach checked and front end re-aligned. The front and steering was confirmed tight and sound.
The coach tracked much better with little steering input or correction. I was still experiencing the "dog wagging the tail" though, meaning the rear of the coach was back and fourth, especially towing a toad behind. I knew I was going to get the X-Braces in 2018 QZ trip, so I decided to see if the toad had a big affect on the rear tracking also. No toad this year to QZ 2018, during the drive down, i notice little or no wobble or rear slope in tracking, but it was still present while lane changing or passing trucks or getting passed by trucks due to air push.
Well heres the result of adding X-Braces and my driving review returning home; Almost no extra steering input while driving, the effects of trucks passing or you passing them are almost non-exisitent. NICE I'm thinking, now for the wind or cross wind issues; i did experience direct cross winds as I approached Barstow, CA, about 15mph with light gust to 20mph. Other than just a little wheel slew into the wind direction, the tracking was not hindered, no more fighting the wheel with both hands. What a pleasure to finally "truly drive single handed" on the wheel.
Special thanks to many, in the design and road leading to the need for this equipment to make our Monaco coaches drive better.
If are thinking wether you need this equipment or upgrade, its worth every dime, due to the drivability, feeling of comfort, and enjoying your trip or vacation. The combo of Watts link and X-Braces are the way to go. Don't forget to check your steering boxes too. Thanks Mike H. Life is better now, great quality product, that do what you say they will do!

Thx 10Boomer

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