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2008 HR Ambassador Front Watts Link and Cross Bars

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Last month I had a new TRW a steering gear installed, it was great, it took the slop out of the steering making for a much improved experience behind the wheel. However, the coach still got blown around by crosswinds and passing tractor trailers making for more white knuckles than I want while driving a 40ft RV. To help resolve these issues I purchased the front watts link and cross bars and installed them myself in our driveway. They are both high quality products, great fit and finish. Each job takes 2-4 hours and most anyone with mechanical ability should be able to do the installs themselves if they have the desire with regular hand tools listed on the instructions. Today I took coach up I75 to try out the new cross bars and front watts link. We had some cross wind, maybe 10-12 knots and it had no real impact on the coach. Tractor trailers no longer blow me around as they go by. I think for me any additional upgrades will not yield noticeable improvement. I am very pleased the upgrades and enjoy driving the Coach now that it has the TRW steering box, cross bars and front watts link.


  • makmak
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    I still have the "0ne inch" travel in my steering box but hope to fix that this year. I have put the rear cross bars and front watts on the coach. I haven't had much experience in bad cross winds so cannot speak about that. This summer we traveled up the west coast to N. W. Washington on 101. It was at some point, that I realized I was going into turns, which there are many, about 5 to 10 mph faster than usual. I believe this says a lot for the handling question.

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