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Update on bolts needed for front watts on my '07 HR Endeavor

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Appreciate you taking my phone call today (Sat)...I'm leaving on a trip soon and didn't want to wait until Monday to call your office so I was rude and called you on Sat!

FYI, while I'm sure you would have spotted it immediately, I removed two of the bolts holding the front jack (per instructions) and discovered I do not have 7/16th nuts spot welded on my front jack support...turns out the bolts I removed were 1/2 inch 20 thread (fine), and the new, longer bolts you provided went into the already existing nuts. I had taken the old bolt to tractor supply to make sure what I had, and sure enough they were 1/2 inch fine thread bolts. The job for the next guy should be even easier since there is no need to remove the tac-welded nut.

Thought you might be interested. Thanks again. I should finish up tomorrow and will have all three kits installed. Looking forward to my next road trip.

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